This encounter began with a subject meeting several beings who seemed to be in charge of him and his travels.

After the subject and his companions arrived at their target location, they were taken to a communal corral area filled with humanoid beings conversing. At that moment, metallic orbs manifested and began situating themselves over the heads of the people living in this community. When the orbs arrived, panic spread and the people began to run. At this point a voice said to them, “Go to your homes and get into bed – you’ll be safe there.”

As the orbs came down the subject noted they were made of a dark, smooth metal. Our subject continued to watch as a young woman stood at attention as one of the orbs situated itself over her head. Miraculously, part of the orb morphed into a helmet like device and came down over her head onto her shoulders. She stood very still at this point as if it were controlling her mind and body.

The subject also noted there were three to four hundred people outside in this community with an equal number of orbs overhead.

The subject awoke later in a room and whilst there, he felt he too was inside an orb or had one encompassing his head. He sat at a table with a girl who appeared to be about eleven years old. The girl was young and had silver hair. She took objects and explained what each one was. As she picked up an object that displayed the letter A, for example, she said, “This is the letter A."

She did this for a while until she became confused and a bit disoriented. She then told him, “I have to eat something and then I’ll be okay.”

At that point, she opened a small thin box that was hanging around her neck by a string. She then took a straw like object and began drinking a fluid from the box and as she did so, some of the fluid ran down her chin. This was apparently her nourishment. After she consumed her nourishment she said she felt better and could think better.