being immortal can be pretty boring, so a certain group of gods devised a hobby that would keep them busy.

somewhat of a mix between novel-writing and strategy games, this hobby involved manipulating people on earth to fill character roles in stories written by the gods.

with a plot in mind, these gods, or muses as they were commonly known, watched their own stories come to life.

The Muse of Romances, Eros (Full Bio)

A god who prefers romance stories and uses her powers to set up couples on Earth. Despite her friendly, dreamy demeanor, she's pretty apathetic and enjoys tension in her stories.

The Muse of Epics, Atalanta (Full Bio)

A god who writes adventure stories. Arguably the most empathetic of the 'main trio'; she hates sad endings. She's stoic and solemn but has a soft side. Incredibly embarrassed by affection. Very fond of Eros.

The Muse of Tragidies, Chess (Full Bio)

A god who loves tragedies. Known for her gambling nature; she likes to take chances. Very extravagant and fond of incredibly depressing endings. She's normally rooting for the villains.

as you may have noticed, each god specializes in writing a specific genre of story.

there are actually gods specializing in virtually every genre, regardless of how specific; here are a few of them.

The Muse of Crime Stories, Ana (Full Bio)

Still in-training, Ana is a protege of Euridice, the god of inconsequential court transcripts. She's incredibly small and incredibly stoic, not to mention vengeful. Unlike other gods, she was born human.

The Muse of Inconsequential Court Transcripts, Euridice (Full Bio)

A god with a bad inferiority complex! She's very quiet, stubborn about silly things, and mostly disliked. Unlike most other gods, she doesn't write.

The Muse of Ero-guro, Maro (Full Bio)

A lavish and vile god with virtually no power. Incredibly annoying and fond of situationally inapproprite jokes. Best friends with Lirio and (understandably) hated by everyone else.

The Muse of Shoujo-Ai, Lirio (Full Bio)

An almost comically timid god who's also very weak. Flowery, romantic, and totally over-the-top. She's also rather clumsy. As befitting her name, she really likes gardening.

The Muse of Horror, Pavor (Full Bio)

A god who's always talking in whispers. She's actually quite childish and really loves to frighten people. Doesn't quite understand consequence, so her frights can be deadly.