as another hazy summer begins, rumors of the end of the world begin to appear. a few whispers accumulate; the sea runs red, and the rains continue.

a tiny island with less than 800 inhabitants, coimead seems to be wrapped in a perpetual fog. the landscape is covered with sprawling farms and the rotted remains of castles.


a garage band consisting of three of the island's outcasts: a group of childhood friends with a passion for aggro music, revolution, and junk food.

originally formed by faye and caitlin as an attempt to give camila another reason to live.

Bassist and mixer, Caitlin (Full Bio)

Infamously caustic and prone to getting into fights, Caitlin is incredibly defensive of both her younger sister and her friends. Has trouble interacting with others and often doesn't realize how rude she seems. Bibliophile with an affinity for 19th century poetry and philosophy.

Keyboardist, Faye (Full Bio)

Impulsive and hyperactive girl who's extremely dedicated to all of her beliefs. Loves outrageous and absurd humor, and she gives famously impassioned hugs. She's very interested in gunpla but is embarrassed about it. Apparently, she's an orphan.

Drummer, Camila (Full Bio)

Quiet and sensitive girl who's known for being perpetually sad. An introvert with an eccentric side, she doesn't seem to be close to anyone in school besides her bandmates. Like Caitlin, she's fond of poetry; she also creates collage as a hobby.

our lady of piety

the island's only school, a catholic private school housed in a single building. around 100 students between the grades of 1 and 12 are enrolled.

although it's coeducational, girls and boys are mandated to attend different classes. the school is a mark of pride for the island.

Child of penance, Eithne (Full Bio)

A fifth-year at Our Lady of Piety who's a serial truant. She lives at an abandoned farmstead in the island's highlands. She's softspoken and strangely sweet, with a penchant for religion and a love of all animals.

Fourth-year class officer, Emmett (Full Bio)

A fourth-year who's easily befuddled. She seems to be fairly weak-willed, but she's incredibly devoted to a new-fangled therapy group that she's started attending. One of the three class officers. Has repressed her entire childhood from conscious memory.

Fifth-year class officer, Georgia (Full Bio)

An incredibly petty and passive-agressive girl with seemingly impressive manners. She's notably fake and superficial. For her, consistency and uniformity are the most important values. Recently, she's been absent from class quite a lot, though...

Sixth-year class officer, Mitzi (Full Bio)

A sixth-year who's fastidious and compulsive, in addition to being one of the three class officers. They're known for occasionally wandering around school in a fugue-like state, leading many to suspect them of some type of substance abuse... or possession.

Defensive girl, ├Źde (Full Bio)

A sixth-year at Our Lady of Piety who's an unofficial dropout. She's in charge of her family's farm and livestock, so attending classes aren't a priority for her. Incredibly defensive and anxious; she can be quite rude, but she always apologizes seconds later.

Caitlin's little sister, Amber (Full Bio)

Caitlin's seven year old sister who attends half-day classes at the school. Obsessed with outer space and the art of snark.

Emmett's little sister, Pitaya (Full Bio)

Emmett's eight year old sister who's best friends with Amber. Truly belives that they are a fairy, so they have a whimsical way about them. Often sneaks out of the school.

adult islanders

most residents of coimead are farmers who live in cottages scattered around the island.

however, several have made a living as shopkeepers and salesmen in the village on the eastern coast, the island's largest settlement.

Caitlin's older sister, Dulce (Full Bio)

Notably violent and perpetually tired; she's been without a proper home for a long time, and now she's always harassing her old family for money. Likes to tease her sisters. Caitlin really dislikes her, and they're always getting into fights.

Faye's guardian, Selena (Full Bio)

Faye's foster parent and the sole employee of the island's only library. She's prone to frequent mood swings and impulsive exorbitance. Someday she'd like o go to college, but she hasn't been able to thus far. Emotionally distant.

White-hat hacker, Juniper (Full Bio)

A young woman living in an apartment on the island's coast. She makes a living by identifying software security flaws for large corporations. She's defensive when meeting new people, but she's painfully loyal. Lives off of cup noodles.

Dog enthusiast, Rian (Full Bio)

A young woman who works on her family's farm. She's passionate about big dogs and street fashion. She's usually warm-hearted, but she easily loses her temper. Manages the farm's livestock and runs a small cafe out of their living room.

Therapist, Reina (Full Bio)

A charismatic woman who's eager to reach out to troubled islanders. Very fond of herbal tea and praise. She was raised in Ukraine & later studied psychology in America; her real name is unknown.

Town butcher, Nena (Full Bio)

An older woman who owns the town's butcher shop. She's warmhearted and has a spouse and a young child. Notably has a penchant for pet names; she calls everyone doll, sweetie, honey, and the like.

Freelance writer, Joan (Full Bio)

A quiet woman and an ascetic writer who moved to the island in hope of finding meaning and inspiration there. Her home has been empty for several months, though...

Caitlin's Father

Caitlin's father lives with his three children along the northern coast. He's a farmer who takes a manufacturing job on the mainland during the winter.

Camila's Parents

Camila's parents are British, but they moved to Coimead before their daughter was born. Although they run a small beekeeping and candle business, her mother is a university professor on the mainland.

Faye's Parents

Faye maintains that her parents were killed in a car accident shortly after she was born.