human existance on earth ends just as it begun, with a sort of lazy quiet.

as industrialism persisted, coastal areas flooded and ocean acidity skyrocketed. eventually, the power of corporations rivaled that of their old governments.

glucose synthesis machines took the role of plants as Earth's flora slowly died off, and following a series of famines, war broke out around 2700 CE.

the result of this war came short of total devastation. instead, humanity persisted in small communes and settlers scattered across the globe.

the last settlement

one of the last-- or perhaps the last-- settlements is in an abandoned military base deep in the mountains of what was once rural china.

Independent sniper, Basil (Full Bio)

A paranoid girl who prefers to be alone. Lives from day-to-day; very down-to-earth. She's a good shot, but she's never shot at anything with a heartbeat. The only person she trusts is Paprika. Tends to be anxious.

Sentimental photographer, Paprika (Full Bio)

A dreamy girl who doesn't pay attention to others. She's a photographer who collects images of the past. Always clumsy, and she refuses to change. The only person she listens to is Basil. A bit rude.

Perpetually messy child, Thyme (Full Bio)

An eight-year old raised by the rest of the base after they were orphaned. Has a knack for getting into trouble, and they're incredibly bashful about this. Loves to paint more than anything else!

Distant woman, Ginseng (Full Bio)

Basil's biological mother and a fierce believer in survival of the fittest. She sees emotional connection as weakness and does her best to seperate herself from others. She spends most of her time managing the base's resources.

Incompetent medic, Lemongrass (Full Bio)

The last member of a long line of combat medics, but she rarely helps the living. She believes in a kind future, and she's unrealistically optimistic, not to mention just a *bit* creepy.

Military enthusiast, Thistle (Full Bio)

A survivalist who is interested in military history. She believes that conquest is the mark of a powerful nation & tries to enforce her ideology on the settlement. Incredibly distrusting, and she can be quite rude sometimes.

Sleepy storyteller, Allspice (Full Bio)

Paprika's "big sister", a very kind woman with narcolepsy which prevents her from venturing outside of the settlement to gather food. She tells many stories. She's also very religious, believing in the polytheistic religion of her ancestors.


although paprika and basil haven't found any other settlements, there are still lone survivors scattered across the world.

Service robot, Chika (Full Bio)

The hobby android of a weeaboo freak. She spent a thousand years locked within his room as he rotted in the closet, and was finally awoken by Basil and Paprika. She's clumsy but sweet, and loves eating paper.

Sentimental alien, Ever (Full Bio)

A strange being living within a grotto. This grotto contains the last tree on Earth, which Every has dedicated her life to preserving. Apprently, she's a "seed" from a far-away planet who blew to Earth after centuries of drifting from star to star.

Book-keeper, Chrysacona (Full Bio)

A hobby android who was modified to serve as an aide at the National Archives. However, given that the archives haven't had a visitor in 800 years, she has strayed from her given task and has become a voracious reader in her own right.

Reindeer guardian, Kako (Full Bio)

The sole guardian of a herd of giant reindeer, perhaps the last non-human animals on Earth. She's an experienced survivalist and the last of her nomadic people. She's uncomfortable when meeting others.

Abyssal being, Lachrymose (Full Bio)

Apparently a being formed from the remains of shipwrecks, a conglomerate of metal and flesh. She cannot speak using her own words, and instead uses verses. Spends most of her time in the ocean depths.


in some areas, groups of scattered pairs persist.

Last mycophile on Earth, Enokitake (Full Bio)

Enokitake lives with her partner within a forest of colossal mushrooms. She spends most of her days foraging and tidying their tiny cottage. A kind and softspoken girl who's always pushing her girlfriend to try new things.

Perpetually afraid girl, Chanterelle (Full Bio)

Born deaf and unable to speak, Chanterelle was driven out of her original settlement as a teenager. She found a home with her childhood friend Enokitake, and continues to live with her. Very cautious, but she has a vibrant sense of humor.

Sheep herder, CaitrĂ­ona (Kat) (Full Bio)

A surprisingly opinionated and passionate girl living on an island abandoned prior to the great wars. Hence, it is one of the last places on Earth with foliage and fauna intact, though they have been affected by radiation.

Standoffish girl, Nani (Full Bio)

Notably guarded and perpetually rude, Nani has a knack for teasing others. However, she's incredibly close to her adopted sister, Kat. An optimist at heart. Proficent with a crossbow.