Investigation #1 - Kune (Full Bio)

A white, flowing figure that often appears on the horizon. Looking at it closely tends to give one migranes. Its appearence resembles a young girl dressed in winter clothing and with a still-bleeding head wound.

Investigation #2 - Saru (Full Bio)

An annoying spirit that appears at the station on cloudy nights. It gives the people who witness it gory nightmares for weeks. Its appearence resembles an older girl with long black hair, a monkey mask, and a meat cleaver.

Investigation #3 - Wren (Full Bio)

The potentially dangerous spirit of a former student who died in the girls' bathrooms twenty years ago. It has an incredibly overpowering and frightening energy; often seen with piles of dead birds. Floats several feet off the ground.

Investigation #4 - Sakara (Full Bio)

A friendly mute spirit who got her nickname from the halo of teeth above her head. Appears to have died in a train accident several years back, but she didn't accept her death. Carries a pencil case full of rotten flesh.