q. are there any content warnings?

yes! as with any content warnings, these do spoil some aspects of the game, but i recommend reading through them regardless.

content warnings meat and disembodied gore, general horror elements (unsettling images and sounds), an allusion to suicide, and some hints of existential dread. if you have any specific worries, feel free to contact me personally.

q. can i translate the game into my language?

yes, and i will love you forever. please note that i cannot pay translators-- i'm a full-time university student and had no budget for this game. wanting to be compensated for your work is perfectly reasonable, and i won't be offended if you decline on that basis.

q. can you make a mac version?

in the future, i would like to, but currently i recommend the browser version for mac users. if you are having trouble with the sound, try a different browser. my apologies for the trouble!

q. will the game be on steam?

i'm not planning a steam release at the moment.

q. can i stream myself playing this game?

yes, of course! linking to my twitter (onisarashi) is appreciated, if you do!

q. what gender is lera?

lera is a woman!

q. why is nika wearing a maid costume?

it's not a maid costume, but an old russian school uniform!

for those curious, there's a complete list of items found here.