i saved download links for these games so that i don't lose them forever. but i really don't recommend playing them, as they're very embarrasing and poor quality.

if you decide to play them, that's fine, but please remember that i was like 12 when i wrote these so do not expect anything coherent. thank you~

about unearthly

made january in 2016.

after a violent string of murders in heaven, the main suspect is banished to earth where she discovers a broken town.

featuring ridiculously pale characters, someone whose name is literally just emo, and a lot of vauge things.


about the house on the beach

made with a bit of love in november 2015.

an amnesiac girl wakes up in a dark forest. once she finds her way out, she arrives at an abandoned beach town with a strange presense.

featuring badly placed sound effects, odd plot progression, and the most primitive morality system you will ever discover.


about rainflow

made with no emotion in september 2015.

the inhabitants of an abandoned town encounter some strange circumstances. originally intended as just a test game-- plot is ridiculous.

featuring squareboob and apocalyptic dread.