$15 custom character design commissions

the payment is via paypal. you should pay beforehand, though if that's an issue we can definitely negotiate!

before you buy, note that i'm using a base i made myself for these, like the ones you see in the examples above. i'll redraw the face and everything else is custom drawn-- it's really just so that i don't have to redraw the same fingers 100 times. lol. again, if this is an issue please let me know and we can talk about it! :-)

the design will be based on a collage/moodboard that you send me. why? i've found that these are a good way to convey an idea/theme, and it's fun for me! the collage is to give a rough color palette in addition to various themes/motifs for the design! i won't copy specific outfits or concepts from the collage. please try not to include others' original art!

you can also give me other guidelines, like 'i want an androgynous character', 'i want a character with short hair', 'i want a nonhuman character' etc.

for me, the most helpful to know in terms of preferences are whether you'd prefer a feminine or androgynous appearence and whether you want the character to be human or have nonhuman elements like wings/halo/etc. if there's anything else that you want me to know, or particular things that you hate in a design, please feel free to tell me. if it's not clear from the collage, your preferred clothing style is great to know as well.

here are a bunch of examples of older designs i've made, many of these have been sold and belong to various people so please don't use them for anything!

keep in mind that the examples below are old art, so it's not accurate for my current style.