a volcanic landscape of rolling hills and sharp, black cliffs is borded by a thick, impassable fog. every few months, a mysterious train breaches the fog and stops at the border of the land. it has no conductor, no driver. its cabin is coated with decades of spiderwebs and decay, and its passengers' minds seem to be completely blank. no one knows where they are from or why they're here.

this occurance, no matter how strange it may seem, has become routine. everyone has arrived in this manner, and when the eerie glow of red station lights is seen through the fog, a party leaves to retrieve its passengers.


regarding mornings

regarding the train

regarding evenings

the cafe

in the middle of a wide swath of wilderness lies a tiny convenience store and cafe run by a group of very strange girls.

Peregrine, or "Rin" (Full Bio)

A sleepy and disorganized young woman with a passion for baking confectionaries. She's not very good at picking up on social cues but she is surprisingly perceptive of the world around her, with a sharp memory for the little details that others forget.

Constantine, or "Coco" (Full Bio)

A cheerful and extroverted girl who helps Peregrine run the cafe. She has an strong sense of empathy and is always striking up conversations with the cafe's customers. She's awful at baking and instead works with brewing coffee and tea. Has some secrets.

Necco (Full Bio)

Necco is a young girl whose body is in a perpetual state of decay. She's energetic, talkative, and a shrewd merchant. She was retrieved from the Train about five years ago by Peregrine, who is somewhat of an older sister to her.

Yume (Full Bio)

Necco's best friend. A strange, nonverbal girl with a passion for raw meat. She spends much of her time exploring the countryside and the remains of castles scattered throughout the land. Has a large collection of bones, both human and animal.


the vistors to the cafe come from across the land, some as nomads, some as visitors, and some as refugees.

Miho (Full Bio)

Miho is a kasha, a type of yokai that carries away the corpses of evildoers. She traverses the land to bring these bodies to her garden, where she uses them as fertilizer. A quiet and serene type of girl. Avoids talking whenever possible. Don't touch her ears.

Wren (Full Bio)

Miho's partner who is also a kasha. She's in charge of the livestock at their farm, using the bodies she collects as feed. Fond of puns, sweet, and down-to-earth. She's an easy person to become fond of.