hell is seperated into industrialized factory cities owned by Noblelight, a large corporation, and a rural and largely unpopulated countryside populated by farmers and craftsmen. the two portions of the land have been locked in a civil war for as long as anyone can remember.


the factory cities are both exquisite and disgusting, surrounded by formless slums and containing a walled section of glass skyscrapers and gold-leafed mansions.

Company head, Clio (Full Bio)

The manipulative and attention-loving head of Noblelight, a corporation that controls virtually every household on Hell's eastern shores. She's annoyingly self-indulgent and a professional hypocrite.

Angel of rot, Moriah (Full Bio)

She's not empathetic and she doesn't like to communicate with others. Off-putting when she speaks. She has the power to induce rot and death, and she can control large swarms of insects. Lives with Clio.

Housekeeper, Rigel (Full Bio)

A worker in Clio's mansion who loves a revolutionary, Edelweiss. Rigel is outspoken, bold, and outwardly confident, but she doubts herself often. However, she's very loyal to those she loves.

DECON villagers

spread across a wide swath of land, these villagers are under the control of the revolutionary forces fighting Nobelight.

Revolutionary leader, Ester (Full Bio)

One-half of the leadership committee of DECON, a revolutionary community that stands in opposition to Noblelight and Clio. Stubborn and dedicated to her ideals. Incredibly clumsy. Wife of Paris.

Revolutionary leader, Paris (Full Bio)

Other half of DECON. Always dreamy and relaxed. She has a giant library and she considers herself a collector of knowledge. Much better at looking at the big picture then the small details. Wife of Ester.

Victim soul, Tomi (Full Bio)

A girl who travels the hills of Hell on a giant stag beetle. Lover of animals of all kinds. She barely ever talks, and she doesn't trust other people at all. She's an outcast who lives alone.

Normal student, Minami (Full Bio)

A demon girl who travels to Earth every day to attend school. A snob who's fixated on rules, and she's also obsessed with the apocalypse. Gore enthusiast. Failing several classes.

Weeaboo god, Choe (Full Bio)

Perhaps the most powerful being in existance, a god with unlimited power to alter any matter. However, she's unfortunately a loser weeaboo who spends all of her time cuddling body pillows. Apathetic.

Anomaly child, Evangeline (Full Bio)

As the child of an angel and a demon, Evangeline struggles with mutations and disease. She hates being misunderstood and she obsessively steals things from others. Parasite host.

Schoolgirl, Honey (Full Bio)

Honey's a demigod who's trying to be a cute schoolgirl, but it's hard when you're 11 feet tall, your stomach is a mouth filled with uncountable rows of teeth, and your diet consists of small rodents.

Quiet girl, Chaya (Full Bio)

A quiet and soft girl from a village in Noblelight's control. She's easily influenced and barely speaks. She's still fond of children's books and she has a vibrant imagination. Hates confronting people.

Psychic menace, Noon (Full Bio)

A strange girl who likes things to be in the right order. She has surprisingly strong psychic powers and she's often unaware of the effect her actions have on others. She's not empathetic at all. Chaya's twin.

Paranormal investigator, Cypress (Full Bio)

A demon raised in DECON communities. She's quiet, attentive, and very caring. Despite this, she gets frustrated easily and often says things she regrets. Guardian of Noon and Chaya.

Anomaly, Mere (Full Bio)

A disturbing apparition that takes the form of a beating, tentacled heart covered in human eyes. It is parasitic and lives by attaching itself to its victims and slowly dissolving their bodies. Those who have viewed it say that its voice is soft and strangely calming.