this page holds all of my assorted characters from different stories.

magical girls

the god of magical girl stories fufilled the wishes of two young girls and made them into powerful crime fighters. the catch: their powers are undeniably horrible.

Viscera-wielding girl, Emelia (Full Bio)

A hardworking and simple girl who hates being praised. Despite being harsh towards herself, she's very kind to others. Her power allows her to use her organs as weapons without dying. Girlfriend is Yui.

Blood-wielding girl, Yui (Full Bio)

A cool and calm gymnast who fakes being stoic to cope with her horrible self-esteem. She struggles with emotions, often keeping them locked away and pretending instead. Girlfriend is Emelia.

a forest without trails

a girl gets lost while walking home through a thick, seemingly endless forest.

The Girl (Full Bio)

A girl who claims to be unable to love anyone. Carries an axe, speaks little, and refuses to connect with anyone. She has a deep hatred for another being within the forest.

The Boy (Full Bio)

A lonely person who is looking for true love. Obsessive, possessive, violent, and prone to thinking in extremes. They are apparently willing to do anything to get their 'love' back.

Hazel (Full Bio)

The traveller, a sweet and quiet girl who only wants to make it home safe. Prone to getting lost and easily frightened. Some might call her empty, but she does feel-- she just has an interesting way of showing it.

Moon (Full Bio)

A girl who's apparently both dead and full of love. Horribly romantic, she finds beauty in virtually everything, from entrails to cliff edges. Fiercely independent.