Along Prospect Abai.

An banal photo taken in early winter.

Outside the Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Essence of a cat.

Cute Almaty sidestreet.

Road on Deer Isle.

Ruined foundation of a farmhouse on Deer Isle.

Lonely sailboat.

Inside Battery Steele, an abandoned military fortification off the coast. It's public property, with signage inviting you to explore it at your own risk.

A friend inside the battery.

Another photo inside the battery.

Fog on Deer Isle.

Deer Isle again. I like going on walks in the rain because even in late summer tourists are relatively few.

You need to time your walks carefully to avoid getting stranded on the wrong end of the sandbar.

Resting on the rocks is nice until you stain your clothes.

My favorite places in the world are those that are lush and covered with moss like this.

Deer Isle.

New York City.