made with all of my heart in early 2018.

the story of a girl who wakes up in an unfamilar beachside town after a nightmarish sort of mania. the air is thick with fog and the smell of rot; it almost seems as if something is hiding from her.

changes since beta version

content warnings: horror themes, a little bit of blood, and brief flashing images

length: 20 to 40 minutes roughly

download pc

download mac

(an almost-remake of house on the beach. with the same setting, the story introduces new characters and takes a different direction. all dialogue and art is new!)

changes since the private beta version:

  • happy end rewritten to make logical sense; previous version added as an optional choice
  • new short scene and cg
  • bonus scene and additional information on the nature of ***
  • new character added
  • full bios added for all characters

after playing it several more times i'm not really happy with this game but i'll be disappointed if i don't release it LOL