our story begins in a small town named cap-des-lupins in southern canada, along the gaspe peninsula. this town has been abandoned by humans for a long time, now covered in peeling paint and rotting houses.

the town is covered in a thick fog. the ocean borders this town on one edge, and hills close it in on all other sides. it's dominated by a host of strange phenomena.

the town's inhabitants

Sleepy angel, Edith (Full Bio)

A girl who claims to be an angel banished from Heaven. She's always tired and her personality is hazy and muted. She tends to say strange things, and she really loves animals. Falls in love often.

Caring witch, Aeyth (Full Bio)

A person who moved to Aurbour to start a new life. They're very caring, almost maternal, though they're quick to judge others. They love plants very much, and their house is filled with them.

Anxious fortune-teller, Ever (Full Bio)

A fortune teller currently residing in Aurbour because of its "energy". They're incredibly awkward because they constantly see the world in a state of derealization and therefore they're unable to focus.

Lost girl, Cierra (Full Bio)

Lost on a family trip, Cierra somehow ended up in Aurbour. Typical bystander, and she tries her best to act cool. Easily scared, and kind of annoying, but her intentions are pure.

Solemn student, Sea (Full Bio)

An incredibly withdrawn girl who doesn't care much for human life. She has trouble with feelings in general and stumbles over words in general. Romance-repulsed. Loves hunting rifles.

Difficult student, Caelum (Full Bio)

A girl with a difficult personality. Paranoid, prone to delusions, and quick-to-judge, but she's really a sensitive and emotional person at heart with severe self-esteem issues.

Chatterbox reporter, Esme (Full Bio)

A young reporter employed in a city a few hours away from Cap-des-Lupins. She's quite talkative and prone to giving away sensitive information. Has a creepy manner, but she really only wants to help others.

Strange photographer, Bug (Full Bio)

A girl on the run from... someone. Tends to avoid conversation and is generally seen wandering through the wilderness with a camcorder in hand. Terrified of authority and afraid of forming relationships in general.

Fragile woman, Hani (Full Bio)

A weak-willed woman who's incredibly disloyal, not to mention very forgetful. Occasionally possessed by Ete when it's bored. Lives in a large abandoned hotel. Failing author.

Quiet beekeeper, Lota (Full Bio)

A woman looking for a peaceful life. After fleeing from a terrorist organization in her home country, she found a home in Cap-des-Lupins. Fond of gardening. Expects to die before the week is finished.

Anomaly ghost, Ete (Full Bio)

Due to some sort of universal malfunction, a woman's ghost was created before she died. Ete is that ghost, a spiteful, bitter, and capricious being who talks though commerical snippets and spoken binary.

the lake's inhabitants

to the east of the town are a series of hills, and on the hill nearest to the town is a mysterious lake surrounded by forest. here are the people (?) living near this area.

Lake guardian, Adelaide (Full Bio)

Apparently also an angel from heaven, Adelaide is the so-called guardian of the lake. She's mystical and whimsical and often exaggerates things. Loves her girlfriend. Fond of cheesy jokes and bad puns.

Lake guardian's girlfriend, Angel (Full Bio)

A woman who likes taxonomy. Although she seems rude, closed up, and controlling, she's a kind person with compulsions. Likes things to be neat, sensible, and in order. Somewhat paranoid.

Earthen abdomination, Lotte (Full Bio)

An indescribable being, the so-called 'lake spirit', lives deep within the waters Adelaide guards. Lotte is one of its personas. Incredibly upbeat and a self-proclaimed god of love. Extremely violent.

Earthen abdomination, Venice (Full Bio)

Another persona of the lake spirit. Polite, socially awkward, and with fairly low self-esteem. Horrible with plans in general. If you cut them open, you'll find a lot of plant debris. Extremely violent.

Earthen abdomination, Winter (Full Bio)

The third persona of the lake spirit. Very angry, quick to argue, uninterested with everything, and generally bored to death. They hate people who are nice to them with a passion. Extremely violent.

inhabitants of the hills

further east of the lake is a wide expanse of rolling, grassy hills. its inhabitants are mostly inhuman, consisting of various types of nymphs.

Dell nymph historian, Celeste (Full Bio)

The resident historian of an abandoned town deep within the woods. Her house is covered with candles, all reminders of past events. Prone to fits of crying.

Message-carrier, Ophelia (Full Bio)

A naiad who serves as a messanger for the naiads. However, she's pretty awful at her job as she often garbles the information for fun. Hedonistic and selfish, and she's dedicated to a personal religion of her own creation.

Supposed fairy, Rhea (Full Bio)

A young girl who calls herself a fairy, but it seems like that might not be completely accurate... she's extremely dramatic and she enjoys scaring people. Has a somewhat ghostly aura.

Dell nymph information dealer, Else (Full Bio)

An impulsive, smug, and clingy nymph with the ability to temporarily send others into fits of delirium. They're very independent and they don't care about customs at all.

Naiad girl, Lunelle (Full Bio)

Else's girlfriend, a naiad girl who pretends to be human so that she can attend school in the city. She has a friendly and interesting attitude and she's generally well-liked. Lacks empathy of any sort.

Apparent human, Luis (Full Bio)

An angel who cut off her wings so that she could love a human girl. Her real name is unknown. Polite, submissive, and detached, and she has a horrible martyr complex.

Transient nomad, Aerien (Full Bio)

A travelling dell nymph living among the mountains. Kind and empathetic, but she hides a much more narcissistic personality. She tends to get lost as she likes going on long journeys without maps.

the angels

some of the characters in this story reside in another realm entirely; on the higher plane of 'heaven' lies a civilization of angels living in a perpetual winter.

Mother of stars, Nori (Full Bio)

The girl that Edith left behind, an empathetic and deeply caring angel. It's their job to raise small stars, the 'eggs' that young angels emerge from. They're good at holding grudges, but they love Edith more than anything.

Angelic nurse, Acedia (Full Bio)

An apathetic angel who runs the hospital in 'heaven'. She's very bleak and blunt and does nothing to hide her true intentions. Fixated on the purity of things; in addition, a picky eater.

Angelic messenger, Amen (Full Bio)

An errand-runner. She has a very floaty personality, and she drifts off in speech a lot. Incredibly optimistic, and she wants everyone to be happy! A bit too trusting. Yogurt fanatic.

Apprentice in heaven, December (Full Bio)

A somewhat snobby angel with horrible people skills. She has many fabricated personalities, and she's very invested in politics. Has a crush on Amen. Loves fast food.

Writer of romance novels, Philomena (Full Bio)

An angel with the ability to break into other peoples' memories. She tends to use these memories as inspiration for her stories. She has a passion for taxidermy and tea.

Bridge between words, Ione (Full Bio)

A angel with the rare ability to travel between worlds at will. She's very whimsical and often speaks in third person. Above all, she hates being ignored. Likes to scream!

Gloomy florist, Emogene (Full Bio)

A florist with the rare ability to sense the thoughts and feelings of plants-- ecological empathy. She's a chronic pessimist and she's very easily embarrassed. Her girlfriend is Ione.

Sin-eating angel, Holiday (Full Bio)

An outcast angel with a kind soul who absorbs the sins of the dead by... eating them? She has a lot of trouble communicating and she doesn't care about herself much, but she tries to be happy.

Shrine maiden, Umeko (Full Bio)

An angel who works at a nearby shrine for money, but she does have legitimate abilities as a medium. She's a horrible cook and she has a harsh temper, but she has a lion's heart. Girlfriend of Anais.

Angelic lawyer, Yvette (Full Bio)

An angel who oversees the court's workings. She's very flat and strict, and she has absolutely no sense of humor. She has a caustic personality and tends to push other people away with her attitude.