It's the beginning of the 21th century in New York City. Hidden beneath massive office buildings and sprawling marketplaces is a small internet cafe known simply as netc@fe. Over time, it has become the favorite haunt of various outcasts and shut-ins, with a group of patrons almost as diverse as the city itself.

However, after a strange computer virus spreads across its network, its routers become infested with insects, and charred, malformed "bodies" begin to manifest in the subway station beneath it, it is up to a messy group of young adults to figure out what's going on.


A group of friends who've met each other through the cafe.

Terminal shut-in, Yuu (Full Bio)

An extremely agoraphobic shut-in who's studying universal field theory as a graduate student. Basically lives off of cup noodles. Can be quite defensive when talking; she doesn't like making friends, and her self-esteem isn't the best either.

Professional gamer, Poppy (Full Bio)

A professional game streamer who specializes in FPSes and fighting games. Despite her cute appearance, she's both foulmouthed and fiery with a remarkably caustic vocabulary. She has few friends, but those that she does have are very dear to her.