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this page contains extra text information about my characters and the world they live in. it's just for fun... and mostly for personal reference for myself.

the realms of existence

Humans are unaware of the other realms.

“Heaven” or the “Angelic Realm” is a name generally used for the world populated by angels. It’s considered a ‘higher’ realm, but angels aren’t inherently good; their characters are just as flawed as humans tend to be. Some angels travel to earth as guardians and witches, but most stay here. Angels cannot die, unless killed by a fellow angel.

One of the most notable features of heaven is its cold climate. It snows year-round, but plant life has generally adapted to the cooler temperatures. Eparus, the name given to the continent in the far north of the planet, is where most angelic life currently lives. Eparus is bordered by a “star-sea” that covers the rest of the globe.

“Hell” or the “Demonic Realm” is a name generally used for the world populated by demons. Despite most meanings of the word, hell isn’t a bad place and most demons are just as good-natured as humans tend to be. Unlike angels, however, they prize freedom above all. Like angels, demons are immortal.

Because of Hell’s civil war, refugees from hell are common on Earth. The primary continent on Hell, Insaile, is much larger than Eparus but it’s mostly uninhabited. Its landscape is volcanic, dominated by mosses and rolling hills. Cities are few and far between. Insaile is bordered by a large tundra that covers the rest of the globe.

Note that all three realms are based on the same globe, and therefore the geography is fairly constant.

It’s also important to note that so-called ‘rift spaces’ exist in areas where the realms blend together; irregular activity is common in these areas. Often, they’re so unstable they self-destruct.

the species of the world

locales throughout the worlds

about the academy

Deep within the Icelandic highlands sits the site of the 'perfect tragedy'.

An academy for so-called ‘unusual children’ or monster girls as they’re better known, the school considers itself an institution fit for only the most talented students. Because of the generally negative attitude the media has towards monster girls, the school’s staff try to force the best test scores to combat stereotypes. Of course, this leads to a hugely competitive and occasionally violent school climate.

The academy’s acceptance rate is actually quite high because the number of monster girls who have noticeable mutations in the world is low. Most monster girls in the world have traits that are relatively unnoticeable, and these girls usually can attend public schools.

clubs at the academy

Students at the Academy take a reprieve from their harsh academic lives in the diversity of clubs the school offers. Most of them are not organized and are simply groups of friends brought together by similar interests.

history of monster girls

Hell is full of individuals with strange traits, from animal-human hybrids to people with bizarre supernatural powers. Sometime after the rise of agriculture (around 10,000 BC), a small group of these individuals migrated to Earth.

Unexpectedly, the hybrid offspring of humans and these demons were viable, and so the resultant ‘monster genes’ were passed down over thousands of years. Because they don’t provide a specific evolutionary disadvantage or advantage, the frequency of ‘monster genes’ hasn’t really changed, but the monsters that do exist today generally show much less extreme versions of their original traits because of the population mixing.

Most people have a neutral attitude towards monster girls and they’re not often encountered in daily life. However, people with extremely minor monstrous traits like small horns or strangely coloured eyes are fairly common.

As you might’ve guessed, monster individuals generally need two X chromosomes to survive development for a currently unknown reason, but there are several cases of people with XY chromosomes or irregular chromosomes being ‘monsters’. Yeva is an example.