deep within the icelandic highlands sits a small academy with some strange students. this page introduces the academy's students as well as summarizes the 'tragedy' that occurs here.

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the crime club

the criminology club is a group of friends who enjoy solving puzzles, legal work, and having fun. they do not actually commit crimes (at least, we hope not).

Puzzle-loving demon girl, Freya (Full Bio)

A girl who thinks about everything analytically. Likes puzzle games. She's probably too harsh, and a bad student. She has a reputation for being cold-hearted, but she's certainly not.

Prodigy spider girl, Taro (Full Bio)

A world-famous robotics prodigy whose greatest fear is being forgotten. She tries to be as memorable as possible, so she has a horrible personality. Also has a cute round face.

Sleepy snake girl, Yeva (Full Bio)

A girl who goes with the flow. She's always very tired and spends most of her time half-asleep. Very passionate about her interests, and she likes to bake! In reality, she's anxious.

Delicate sheep girl, Lilja (Full Bio)

A girl who loves nature and being alone. She's very soft and hates being startled. Skittish. Likes to knit. Her greatest accomplishment is turning in 0% of her homework assignments.

Angel guardian, Amahle (Full Bio)

Supposedly an angel come to watch over Earth, Amahle is a very prickly and strict girl who's dedicated to following the rules. Extremely obedient. Despite this, she's easily flustered.

Replica cyborg girl, neo-Roza (Full Bio)

Created as a replica of a girl who died in a car crash several years ago. She's not human yet, but she's trying very hard! She likes pink clothes and doing cute things. Still learning how to socialize.

Aspiring idol cyclops, Edie (Full Bio)

A girl who's very bubbly and well-liked! Although she acts like an airhead, her real personality is more caustic and self-centered. Despite this, she tries her best to be kind. Likes gore and slasher movies.

Deliquent kitsunetsuki, Etzel (Full Bio)

Possessed by a fox spirit after her father's company destroyed its habitat. Now, her personality is much different; vulgar, spastic, and violent. However, she's really thankful to her friends for taking her in after she was abandoned by her family.

Super friendly harpy, Tana (Full Bio)

A really positive and cheery girl! She looks on the bright side of everything and she always tries her best. Obedient and often too trusting. However, it seems that she might be hiding something more sinister.

the health & wellness committee

the health and wellness committee is a cult-like club that aims to further the mental health of its members. it's usually considered a club for 'broken people', but its members do seem to be much happier after joining.

Bat-like committee leader, Carine (Full Bio)

A mysterious girl with an even stranger philosophy. She was raised by the state as her family was involved in the drug trade. She hates being straightforward and she's very defensive. Gives off a strange feeling...

Monstrous committee member, Frederica (Full Bio)

A ditzy yet hardworking member of the committee. She has twelve siblings and she's trying her best away from home for their sake. She's just began attending meetings, so she's still not sure of the proceedures.

Shrimp-like committee member, Yu (Full Bio)

A girl in the committee who's very invested in alternative religion. She's extremely positive and very spiritual. Her manner is somewhat fake. She always falls for fad diets. Apparently had a hard childhood.

Mermaid committee member, Maite (Full Bio)

A girl who used to be somewhat suspicious of the committee and joined to investigate it. She runs the school's gardening club. Has a cute laugh and loves mushrooms. Kind demeanor, but she prefers to work alone.

Dragon committee member, Kiana (Full Bio)

A girl who recently left the committee and is heavily disliked by Carine. She's very carefree and a completely horrible student. She makes a lot of jokes to cover up how she really feels. Extremely charitable.

Fungus-based committee member, Tirsi (Full Bio)

A part-time member of the committee. Very quiet in class. Hopes to go to nursing school. Really likes herbal teas. She's ridiculously strict about rules in the hallways. In addition, a close friend of Amahle.

Deer-like committee member, Nadira (Full Bio)

A selectively mute girl who enjoys painting. She's an orphan, and her past led her to close herself off. However, she's good at listening to other people and she tries her best. Committee meetings comfort her.

Oni committee member, Indira (Full Bio)

A deliquent who's absolutely terrified of doing anything to hurt other people. She has perfect grades and she's only rude to her friends, and then, it's only as a joke. She hates falling below expectations.

paranormal investigation committee

cautious of both the health & wellness members and the crime club, a certain senior started a club to review 'alternative solutions' to the series of murders throughout the school. on official papers it's referenced as a group of students interested in horror fiction.

none of the members were close before the crimes, so there are often disagreements between the students in the club.

Ghost rights activist, Maija (Full Bio)

A student with a gloomy aura and a passion for ghosts. More than anything, she hates people who assume that spirits are evil. She's convinced that the perpetrator of the school murder cases is inhuman.

Cryptid hunter, Coral (Full Bio)

A sea-slug girl with a cute and soft personality. She loves fuzzy things, abandoned places, and researching local legends. Determined, she dislikes people who try to put her down. Very short. She also swears a lot.

Possessed girl, Francesca (Full Bio)

A passionate Christan girl with an incredibly sacrifical attitude. She's very sweet, morally uptight, and painfully naive. In addition, she somehow became inhabited by a many-tentacled monster during middle school.

Vampire girl, Sunday (Full Bio)

Seemingly apathetic, a girl who responds to every question with "I don't really care.". She forces herself to be quiet because she's embarrassed of her emotion. Spends a lot of time in the school library because her roommate is an asshole.

Alien enthusiast, Calypso (Full Bio)

A confused girl with absolutely no sense of reality. She claims to be an alien, but pretty much nobody believes her. Frequent abuser of hallucinogens. She likes junk food, super baggy clothing, and pretty much anything relating to extraterrestrials.

█ █ █ █ █ (Full Bio)

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other students

of course, there are plenty of students in the school who are in neither of the aforementioned clubs. here, we introduce some of the more important ones.

Spotted seal girl, Ciel (Full Bio)

A girl with a good heart and bad habits. She's horrible at keeping track of dates and she's painfully optimistic, so she can't hate anyone... she likes milk candy and Frederica, one of her close friends.

Bratty seagull girl, Marina (Full Bio)

A rude and brash girl who tends to mock other people. Like a real seagull, she likes to steal other people's food. In reality, she's not nearly as tough as she pretends to be. 'Friends' with Ellie.

Stuffy doll girl, Ellie (Full Bio)

Porcelain doll with the personality of a very grumpy 80-year-old. She's very stiff, uncaring, and aboove all, incredibly irritating. Her passion is knitting. Her joins make an annoying sound when she moves.

Pretentious moth girl, Diya (Full Bio)

One of the two gardening club members. She likes scolding other people and lecturing them about moral issues. Horrible fashion sense. She's widely regarded as an annoying asshole, bu she doesn't really mean harm.

Manticore girl, Heather (Full Bio)

The daughter of a French police chief, apparently a manticore that chooses to keep a human form. She's very kind and loving, a really sweet girl. A bit paranoid. The object of Carine's obsesive desires.

Zebra shark girl, Nydia (Full Bio)

A star swimmer who was abandoned by her friends. She's not trusting of people, but she's polite enough. Suspicious of those who try to get close to her. She hates the Health & Wellness Committee.

Local delinquent, Luca (Full Bio)

A calico cat girl who never attends class. Because she has no legal guardian, the school's inclined to house her, but she causes a lot of trouble. Brash, rude, confrontational, and she likes setting things on fire.

Independant spider girl, Sunita (Full Bio)

A girl who claims to be a murderer, though it's unlikely. She hates the school staff with a passion, and she's a varsity athlete. Leader of the school's political club and extremely moralistic.


the school also has staff, of course! this section includes faculty, investigators, and other non-affiliated people.

Math teacher, Mio (Full Bio)

A math teacher and the mentor of the crime club. Hates seeing people be hurt; a true pacifist. Former student of the academy, and she was horribly bullied during her time there. Very protective.

Researcher, Aster (Full Bio)

Mio's girlfriend. She's trying to find the cure for a disease that killed her adopted daughter. Quiet, soft-spoken, passive, and well-organized. She blushes easily. She also hates being interupted.

Biology teacher, Ms. Makinen (Full Bio)

The mentor of the Health & Wellness Committee, although she doesn't take that job too seriously. She's a somewhat disturbing biology teacher who's hugely interested in the subject. Likes lab work.

Investigator Erika (Full Bio)

Apprentice investigator with a weak constitution. She's very easy to manipulate and influence, and she hates the idea of blood. She collects hair clips and colorful children's accessories.

School nurse and centipede, Ms. Amsel (Full Bio)

The school nurse; a dreamy sort of woman. She's pretty out-of-it so you can easily skip classes by resting in her office. She likes pastel colours and fuzzy things. Works at a hospital part-time.

neo-Roza's creator, Lai (Full Bio)

neo-Roza's best friend before she died. Unable to accept her loss, Lai worked for years to create a program based on her friend's memories that affectively brought her back to life... well, not quite.