present-day akihabara is a tangle of telephone wires and neon lights; this is the story of a group of outcasts and misfits who've managed to find each other within this mass of humanity.

ゆんゆん☆ファンタスマゴリー, shortened to yunyun, is an underground idol group only by name. both self-managed and self-owned, it is better described as a group of friends trying to make music that means something.

unit: pariah complex

a unit for the group's most misanthropic and reclusive members. it seems that, rather than spiraling downwards together, their developing relationship seems to be helping all of them to heal.

100% real angel, Mali (Full Bio)

A veteran underground idol who claims to be a angel from Heaven. She speaks oddly and is both disinhibited and touchy-feely, often ruffling the hair of the people that she talks to. It seems that her angel persona might be a way for her to avoid something that happened in her childhood.

Truthseeker, Ume (Full Bio)

Once a child idol who collapsed from the pressure, now a dropout searching for the truth behind the universe. Abuses psychedelic drugs, though she wants to recover more than anything. She can be blunt & has a tendency to push others away. Extremely paranoid and a conspiracy nut.

Degenerate, Maggot (Full Bio)

A former mainstream idol who was fired due to violating guidelines. Despite her cute style, she's interested in various antisocial subcultures, and it's often difficult to tolerate her. However, it seems that her exaggerated "rotten" persona may be somewhat of a façade.

unit: forestchildren

forestchildren is a unit made of the group's two youngest members, a pair of close friends who share a particular affinity for the natural world.

Beetle enthusiast, Prachi (Full Bio)

An idol who collects, breeds, and raises rare beetles. She's a bit shy and introverted, and she dislikes crowds. Although beetles are her favorite type of bug, she loves all insects and is never without her camera, food scraps, sugar water, and a net for obtaining more pets.

#1 frog fan, Midori (Full Bio)

A studious and hardworking girl with few close friends, Midori is a classmate of Prachi's who became close to her after she defended Prachi from harrassment. She's quiet and reserved, prefering to speak with few words. She is a voracious frog enthusiast who collects both real frogs and frog merchandise.